Privacy Policy

My name is Branton and I've built this app for fun, not to sell your personal information. This policy explains how I receive information about you and what I do with that information.

Facebook requires that I write this.

Third Party Websites


This application allows you to log in using Facebook and only interacts with Facebook if and when you log in by clicking the login with Facebook button.

If you choose to log in with Facebook, only the minimum set of permissions are requested. I get access to your name and profile picture, but I do not store this info, nor do I use it. If I could request that I not get access to this information, I would. I do not get permission to access your friends list and I do not get permission to post as you.

I reserve the right to change this policy in the future in order to add features to the app, but I will explicitly notify you within the app and require you re-authorize should I choose to handle Facebook information differently.


This application uses The YouTube API to provide access to YouTube videos.

By using this application, you are agreeing to be bound to the YouTube Terms of Service found here. You can find the Google Privacy Policy here.

Google Analytics

This application uses Google Analytics in order to improve the website.

Google Analytics data sharing is disabled for this account following the standards Mozilla sets for themselves when using Google Analytics.


This application uses the Spotify API and Spotify Widgets to provide access to Spotify songs.

By using a Spotify Widget, you agree that Spotify can use information collected through the Spotify Widget (including information collected through Google Analytics) in accordance with their Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that in order for the Spotify Widgets to function properly and to enhance user experience, Spotify places cookies and similar technologies (collectively, “Cookies”), and causes third party Cookies to be placed, on the browsers of users that visit websites that embed Spotify Widgets.

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