Frequently Asked Questions

What does installing DanceDocket do?

Installing DanceDocket adds it to your app list, allows it to appear in your app switcher, improves offline performance, and decreases mobile data usage.

How can I ask a question, suggest a feature, or provide feedback?

Email me at

I found something wrong, how do I report it?

Most pages have a menu in the top right (3 dots) which let you report problems.

What generates the list of videos for a dance?

The YouTube videos are just suggestions based on the name of the dance due to limitations of the YouTube API. Selecting 'Open in YouTube' should give better results. Soon I'll add the ability to rank or suggest useful videos.

Could you add the ability to Shazam a song within the app?

I would love to add this feature and some day I hope to, but this is not going to be an easy problem to solve. Shazam and SoundHound do not provide music recognition API's and it is likely I would have to build one myself.

Could you add step sheets to the app?

If you want step sheets, for now I would recommend getting them off CopperKnob. They do a great job of listing instructors and stepsheets for dances.

What do the stars and numbers mean in the dance list?

Starring a dance lets you save it for later. The number shows how many people have starred that dance.

I don't have Spotify, why don't you support Apple Music / Google Play Music?

Spotify currently provides the best access to their library from third-party apps of all competitors. If you don't have a paid Spotify account, you should still have free access to their 30 second previews.

What kind of app is DanceDocket?

DanceDocket is a Progressive Web App, a new kind of app which works in the browser, but can also be installed to your home screen.

Why can't I download DanceDocket in the Apple App Store?

Apple charges 99 dollars per year to publish to the App Store.

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